DEMONS & WIZARDS: New album coming at the end of February featured image

The new album by power metal band Demons & Wizards will be released at the end of February via Century Media. 11 powerful metal songs with various guest musicians are waiting for the fans.


New Album “III”

The good new piece is called “III” and will be released on February 21 next year. The titles of the 11 new power metal songs definitely sound promising:

  1. diabolical
  2. invincible
  3. Wolves In Winter
  4. Final Warning
  5. Timeless Spirit
  6. Dark Side Of Her Majesty
  7. Midas Disease
  8. new dawn
  9. Universal Truth
  10. Split
  11. Children Of Chain

Iced Earth guitarist Jon Schaffer says of the album:

[…] I think we’ve put something very special together there and I’m looking forward to hearing what the fans think about it. I’m proud of this album. It is definitely a journey of epic proportions.

Blind Guardian frontman Hansi Kürsch adds:

[…] The third album is definitely the highlight of our career. Remember my words, you will love this album!

There are some guest musicians on the record again. Brent Smedley – also of Iced Earth – has contributed on drums, Jake Dreyer (guitarist for progressive metal band Witherfall) on guitar, Ruben Drake on bass and various artists on background vocals.